About the Foundation

The John Vos Family Foundation was established in 2008 by John L Vos as a philanthropic endeavor honoring the memory of his father, John M Vos.

John M Vos grew up in rural Iowa during the Great Depression.  Although not a man of great monetary wealth, John M held firm to a strong Christian faith and was recognized by others throughout his life for his innate kindness and compassion.  It is with these values that he and his wife of over 50 years, Marie, raised their 5 children and instilled in them a desire to help others.

John L Vos has been blessed with bountiful opportunities and attributes much of his success to his strong upbringing.  His desire to help others is evident in all aspects of his life.  He is especially passionate about helping women overcome abusive situations and providing opportunities for children through safe living environments and education.

Although John M is no longer with us, his spirit lives on through the generosity of his loving son and the work of this Foundation.